Access to independence and experience of an acknowledged group

1922: Founded in 1922, and being primarily owned by distinguished Luxembourg families, Foyer Group differentiates itself from competitors because its subscribers can rely on its independence. The range of products offered by Foyer Group covers life insurance as well as non-life insurance products.

1996: Foyer Group has focused on broadening its impact in Luxembourg’s robust financial sector. In line with this objective, Foyer International S.A. was founded in 1996. Foyer International remains 100% owned by Foyer Group and it specializes in the development of activities under the European Community’s Freedom to Provide Services regime while continuing to locally serve the asset management needs of its high net-worth subscribers.

Today: Leader of the local insurance market since its inception, Foyer Group is now present in several European countries through its three businesses: insurance, protection, and wealth management. Past, present and future are combined in the culture and values of Foyer Group. Its mission, its development and its projects are definitely geared towards the future.

Key dates in the group's history